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WE HAD 1499hd of Cattle this week! With a 172 sellers which is a new high for us and 45 buyers. The drought that is in effect across a large portion of our customer base is expediting the timing of our usual fall runs. We have surpassed 1k hd for three weeks in a row and our average cow runs have been around 300hd per sale. We love selling your livestock but not at the expense of mortgaging the future. Continue to pray for rain... The market this past week was like playing to two different kinds of music. The packer cow and bull market reminded me of the blues, low, slow, and dark. Calf market on the other hand was rocking and rolling with good quality calves selling at a good beat. Basically on the cows and bulls it simple supply and demand. There just aren't enough rail hooks to hang em up right now. Look for packer cow prices to be lower again this week. Calf market on the other hand gained a little momentum this week with short bought packers having to pay up two to three cents to get their inventories up. Any time "fat" cattle go up in price it's always a positive. On the other hand the pesky "cattle on feed report" came out and showed placements were 6% over what was expected. Going to be interesting to see what this does to the futures on Monday morning! Some experts think we have reached our seasonal lows while others seem to think there is more room for a downward trend. Predicting these radical markets is like trying to catch a falling knife. One thing I do know for sure is continue to listen to the cow and observe the land. Don't just look but actually see what needs to be done, despite where the market is. You know your cattle better than anybody, and at the end of the day, the only herd you can save is your own. Respectfully, GCLA E.G.

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